Terrence Higgins Trust launches UK’s first health guide for trans people

The UK’S largest HIV charity has launched two guides available online aiming to provide advice for transgender people.

Terrence Higgins Trust launches UK’s first health guide for trans people
18 September 2012

The UK’S largest HIV and sexual health charity has launched two guides available online aiming to provide health and wellbeing advice for transgender people.

The guides have been launched with the hope of pushing down the high rates of HIV, specifically among trans women, which is estimated to affect between 11.5% to 57% in Europe.

Michelle Ross, Trans Awareness Facilitator at Terrence Higgins Trust, said: ‘It’s becoming increasingly clear that trans people today face a range of issues that place them at increased risk of infection.

‘We know, for example, that many trans people have ongoing problems around body image and self-esteem, which can lead them to take serious risks with their health.’

The guides, which can be viewed online at www.tht.org.uk/transwomen and www.tht.org.uk/transmen, give information and advice on various issues that could affect trans people.

The online guides will cover topics including how to guard against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIS).

Both guides give detailed information on how to prevent against contracting an STI by wearing protection, to the risks of oral sex and the different ways in which people can contract HIV.

Information for people accessing post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) after they have unprotected sex is also given.

Trans-specific advice is offered on how changing testosterone levels in transgender people can make them more vulnerable to infection.

More specialist advice will be offered to anybody considering going through gender confirmation surgery.

The guides also explain the process of cervical screening for transgender men, fertility and health problems to be aware of through the process of binding- where trans men bind their breasts to gain a more masculine, flatter chest.

Speaking of the guides, Ross said the Trust was ‘hugely proud’ of them and that they hoped it would give trans people the support and confidence to take control of their sexual health.



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