Terror suspect rants against gay marriage in Canadian court hearing

Tunisian Chiheb Esseghaier, accused over an alleged plot to derail a train between the US and Canada, has ranted against same-sex marriage while defending himself without a lawyer

Terror suspect rants against gay marriage in Canadian court hearing
30 January 2014

A Tunisian doctoral student studying in Montreal has gone on a homophobic rant while standing trial over an alleged terror plot to derail a train between New York and Ontario.

Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, went on a 4 minute rant at the start of his trial Wednesday, telling the court, ‘homosexual marriages are protected by the Criminal Code because the code doesn’t consider this a crime.’

‘Even the animals don’t do this. The donkeys may. The monkeys do not.’

‘Why do you allow homosexual marriage when animals don’t do homosexual marriages?’

Esseghair also complained about being stripped searched on his way between prison and the court – saying he had been ‘forced to show my sex.’

‘When you don’t have confidence between each other and you doubt each other, then your system is weak,’ Esseghaier told the court.

‘From where I would get the weapon? From where would I get the drug? I have been in my cell for the past nine months.’

Esseghaier is representing himself in the trial and says he should be tried under Koranic law as he does not recognize laws that are ‘written by humans.’

‘We are putting the laws of God behind our back and are following the laws of humans,’ Esseghair complained.

Esseghair is being tried alongside Canadian Palestinian Raed Jaser, 36, who has accepted a lawyer and remained silent during the hearing.



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