Texas official says ‘I’m pansexual not lesbian’

Mary Gonzalez comes out as America's first ever pansexual elected representative

Texas official says ‘I’m pansexual not lesbian’
15 August 2012

A Texan lawmaker who became the US state’s first out elected official insists she is not lesbian, she’s pansexual.

Mary Gonzalez hit the headlines in May for being Texas’s first and only openly LGBT representative after winning the Democrat primary.

Despite initially accepting being defined as gay she has now come out as ‘pansexual’, claiming she doesn’t believe in a ‘gender binary’ and is attracted to people of all identities, including transgender.

‘As I started to recognize the gender spectrum and dated along the gender spectrum, I was searching for words that connected to that reality, for words that embraced the spectrum,’ she told the Dallas Voice.

‘At the time I didn’t feel as if the term bisexual was encompassing of a gender spectrum that I was dating and attracted to.’

She said she had waited to come out as pansexual because she was worried voters would be ‘overwhelmed’ by the term.

Gonzalez, who is now officially America’s first ever pansexual legislator, added: ‘The idea of a queer woman period freaked them out.

‘I had to be able to connect with my district and I couldn’t do that if I’m freaking them out every day.’

Still don’t understand what pansexual is? Watch the video below to find out more:



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