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Texas school rejects three-year-old with lesbian moms, citing religious reasons

The director of a school in Texas refused to enroll a toddler because he has two moms and ‘we don’t live that way’
A school director refused to admit a toddler because he had lesbian moms and that was against her beliefs.

A couple claims their son was turned away from a Texas school because he has lesbian parents.

Tracy and Dawn Keller were assured they could enroll their three-year-old son into the Bedford, Texas school but after touring the school were phoned by the director saying there son would not be welcome.

ABC News WFAA reported New Beginnings private school in Montessori told the couple they would not allow their son Landry to enroll in the school because of the director’s religious beliefs.

Dawn Keller said the school’s director Shamain Webster called her an hour after visiting the school, and quoted Webster saying: ‘We are not going be able to enroll Landry in our school because it’s against my religion, and we don’t live that way.’

Earlier, while visiting the school, the couple say they were made to feel welcome.

Dawn said she asked teacher: ‘Do you have a religious affiliation?’ The teacher reportedly replied: ‘No, we have all kinds of people here.’

Dawn also said to staff: ‘He has two moms… Is that going to be an issue?’ She says staff responsed: ‘No, that’s not a problem.’

Tracy said: ‘We just knew this day was going to come. You can’t prepare for it enough… to be rejected’.

But, in response from media enquiries, Webster said the school had now decided to allow the couple’s application, because the owner of the school, her father ‘would like to allow them to submit an application'.

The Kellers said they were grateful but would be looking elsewhere. They said: ‘It’s obvious this is not a place for him.

‘It’s not like we’re out to advertise [our homosexuality], or anything like that… We just want some place that’ll welcome us just like everybody else.’

‘We know there are some schools that we can’t go to. And, you know what? We just go someplace else… But the call was pretty devastating.’

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