Texas teen banned from wearing dress to prom

A high school senior was told he is not allowed to wear a dress, high heels and wig to his prom

Texas teen banned from wearing dress to prom
26 February 2013

A Texas teen is fighting against officials who say he is not allowed to wear a dress, heels, and a wig to the prom.

Tony Zamazal, a senior at Spring High School, told local news KHOU he feels more comfortable in women’s clothes and has recently been dressing in them as often as he can.

‘[The principal] told me it just wasn’t in the dress code. Women wore dresses, and men wore tuxedos,’ Zamazal said. ‘It’s not okay to just tell people they can’t be the way that they are. It’s not just a choice of the way you look, it’s more of who you are.’

A spokeswoman for the school district said Zamazal can fight the decision by taking his request to his principal, something he has already done.

Zamazal’s case is the latest challenge to high school prom regulations across the United States in recent weeks.

In Missouri, gay teen Stacey Dawson was told he hoped to take his boyfriend as his senior prom date. It was only after a legal challenge that the school’s superintendent reportedly agreed to revise the policy banning same-sex prom dates.

Earlier this month, a local group led by special education teacher Diana Medley wanted a ‘traditional’ alternate prom banning gay students. In an interview, she said she felt gay people had no ‘purpose’ in life.

Back in 2010, Constance McMillen was banned from bringing her female date and wearing a tuxedo.

After the 18-year-old complained, the Mississippi school then cancelled the prom and encouraged parents to organize a private prom and not invite the gay teen.

After a lengthy lawsuit, the school was later ordered to pay $35,000 (£22.5k, €26.1k) in damages to McMillen.



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