Texas teen helping police to find her girlfriend’s killer

Kristine Chapa recovering from her own gunshot head wound, finally told of girlfriend's death

Texas teen helping police to find her girlfriend’s killer
16 July 2012

Kristine Chapa, the Texas teen who survived being shot in the head in an attack that left her girlfriend dead, has been released from the hospital and is trying to help police capture the gunman.

Chapa, 18, and Mollie Olgin, 19, were at Violet Andrews Park in Portland, Texas, on June 22 when they were attacked. Their bodies were discovered in a grassy area by a couple who were visiting the park.

Chapa’s brother, Hilario, told NBCLatino on Monday (16 July) that his sister is doing ‘awesome,’ has left the hospital and is now in a rehabilitation center.

‘She’s in neurological rehab, getting her speech and her way of thinking better,’ he says. ‘She also is in physical therapy to help strengthen her left side and mental therapy as well.’

The teen has recovered sufficiently enough to help police develop a sketch of the suspect.

The news of her girlfriend’s death had been kept from Chapa until very recently.

‘She didn’t know about Mollie for the longest time, but we finally decided to tell her,’ says her brother. ‘She was brokenhearted, very upset.’

Olgin’s family was present to help deliver the news.

‘They told us you have to let her cry. I didn’t want to tell her not to cry,’ he says. ‘But Mollie’s father (Mario) is a very good man, considering he lost his daughter. He comes to visit her and when he does she gets emotional but he is supporting her. He wants to go visit her in rehab.’



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