Thai transgender stewardess airline suspends flights

PC Air in financial trouble only ten months after launch

Thai transgender stewardess airline suspends flights
22 October 2012

PC Air made headlines in December last year when the Thai airline launched with transgender flight attendents, but now they are nearly going out of business.

After talks with the Department of Civl Aviation on Friday, Thailand’s deputy transport minister Chadchart Sittipunt announced the airline’s flights are being suspended, at least until the end of the month, but the government are not revoking their licence.

‘The airline informed the Department of Civil Aviation on Friday that they cannot operate their charter flights due to business problems. So it will suspend its services,’ Sittipunt told AFP.

PC Air’s only plane was grounded last Tuesday at Incheon International Airport in South Korea because of unpaid airport charges, leaving 400 passengers stranded. This was due to a dispute with their Korean agent Skyjet.

Before the budget airline launched last year sole properietor Peter Chan, a former flight attendant himself, was so confident he boasted buying the airbus right out rather than leasing it.

‘Today, we are ready to embark on the new journey and we would like to introduce our four transsexual angels,’ Chan told passengers, including officials and journalists, before the maiden voyage in early December 2011.

The four transgender flight attendants had to meet the same requirements (‘feminine voice’) and training (make-up lessons) as female staff. 



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