Three gay couples demand Costa Rica honors its ‘accidental’ equal marriage law

Archbishop of San José, Hugo Barrantes, has called the union of gay people ‘unnatural’ and accused minority groups of ‘imposing’ themselves on the majority

Three gay couples demand Costa Rica honors its ‘accidental’ equal marriage law
10 July 2013

Three gay couples are fighting for their right to be married after they were ‘accidentally’ legalized by conservative lawmakers in Costa Rica.

Marco Castillo, president of the Diversity Movement, confirmed they would appear in family court to apply for legal recognition of their relationships today (10 July).

One of the couples, Fiorella Bruno and Ana Cristina Binsa, said they were applying in order to have hospital visitation rights, partner benefits for public health insurance and inheritance rights for their son.

‘We’re doing this for him,’ she said, according to the local media.

When same-sex unions were legalized in the Central American country, it was only then several lawmakers realized their ‘mistake’ and demanded President Laura Chinchilla veto the bill.

But Chinchilla rejected the calls, saying: ‘No, we’re going to go forward and I will sign this law.

‘We understand that the debate is over how some interpret the law and this alone is not sufficient for the executive to veto the law.’

In an interview with daily newspaper La Nación with the Archbishop of San José, Hugo Barrantes, he called the union of gay people ‘unnatural’ and accused minority groups of ‘imposing’ themselves on the majority.

The Front for Equal Rights kicked off a national campaign for marriage equality on 30 June, collecting thousands of signatures in support.

Costa Rican lawmakers approved the bill on Monday (1 July), changing article 22 of the ‘Law of Young People’.

When some said they felt ‘deceived’ due to the bill’s wording, lawmaker Jose Maria Villalta said conservatives simply did not read the entire bill before approving it.

If the three gay couples are allowed to get married today, Costa Rica will join the five Latin American countries to approve same-sex unions. Brazil was the most recent on 14 May 2013.



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