Three men die after taking drug at London gay sauna

Inquest hears how a sauna's drug policy has become more 'aggressive' since the death of one of its patrons

Three men die after taking drug at London gay sauna
25 June 2014

Three men have died within eight months after taking a party drug at a London gay sauna, inquests have heard.

Greg Page, 41, was found dead at the Pleasuredrome sauna in Waterloo at 8am on 27 October 2012.

John Scott, 46, was found collapsed at the same time and rushed to hospital where he died two days later.

And not only that, but Konstantinos Bamptazis was found dead eight months earlier in a locked private room after taking mephedrone and GHB.

Pleasuredrome, which describes itself as London’s best sauna for gay men, has a drug and smoke free policy and is open 24 hours a day.

Coroner Andrew Harris questioned the sauna’s proprietor Charles Hill over the establishment’s drug policy and alleged lack of emergency lighting in his building.

Hill defended the sauna, saying drug searches had become ‘more aggressive’ since Bamptazis’ death and the venue now had a reputation for being clean.

He added the sauna complex now has emergency strip lights which staff could switch on at any time.

On Bamptazis’ death, the Evening Standard reports, Harris ruled there was no evidence drugs were forcibly given to him or he tried to take his own life.

The coroner went on to say it was ‘possible’ the sauna’s zero tolerance to drugs was not being implemented ‘aggressively’ enough at the time but was assured changes had been made.

A joint inquest has also been launched into the deaths of Page and Scott. Both men were found to have died as a result of GHB in their system, with the former also having relatively high levels of cocaine.

Pleasuredrome, the London Ambulance Service and Lambeth Council will be putting forward their evidence of how and why the two men died this week.

The inquest continues.



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