Three men rape woman to ‘cure’ her of being gay in Florida

A woman was walking home from a gay club when three men allegedly attacked her, shouted homophobic slurs, and raped her

Three men rape woman to ‘cure’ her of being gay in Florida
28 August 2013

Three men are accused of raping a woman to cure her of being gay in Florida.

In the early hours of Sunday morning (25 August), a woman was walking home from the gay club Revolution in Orlando.

The men got out of a silver car, pushed the woman down and began attacking her.

Shouting homophobic slurs at her, police say they were raping her to ‘cure’ her and to punish her for being lesbian.

When the police arrived, they found the woman covered in blood, scratches and having a cut lip.

Sergeant Jim Young said: ‘It’s based on these statements that the individuals were either targeting her or committed this crime based on her, whether it be real or perceived sexual orientation.’

At present, no media reports have verified whether or not the victim identifies as a lesbian.

One of the suspects, the driver of the car, was described as wearing a black T-shirt, khaki shorts and having short hair.

Police said if the men are not captured, they will monitor the club and others in coming weeks.



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