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Three teens imprisoned for videotaped gay bashing

Judge sentences the three young men who beat 20-year old Brandon White to five years prison pus five years probation
Brandon White was reportedly 'unimpressed' with the apologies given by his three attackers.

Three men were sentenced to prison for an anti-gay assault in Atlanta, Georgia.

Christopher Cain (18), Dorian Moragne (19) and Darael Williams (17) received a five year prison and five year probation sentence for attacking 20-year old Brandon White.

The 4 February assault was caught on film, showing the three teenagers attacking White as he walked out of a grocery store in Atlanta's Pittsburgh neighborhood.

The video, uploaded to, shows the attackers shouting anti-gay slurs at White, kicking the victim repeatedly and throwing a tire at him.

The judge told the defendants: 'You are all the ultimate bullies'.

'You didn't like the way (Brandon White) looked, dressed or conducted himself and that's nothing but being bullies'.

The defendants, who were already on probation for other crimes, apologized to White in court.

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