Tim Gunn says he hasn’t had sex in 29 years

Co-host of ABC's The Revolution says he does not feel like less of a person

Tim Gunn says he hasn’t had sex in 29 years
24 January 2012

The topic on Tuesday's episode of ABC's The Revolution was how to improve your sex life.

Tim Gunn, one of the co-hosts of the new daytime program, used the occasion to make a stunning revelation:  'I haven’t had sex in 29 years. Do I feel like less of a person because of it? No, not even remotely.'

Gunn, 58, is openly gay and is best known as a mentor on the long-running reality competition Project Runway.

'I'm a perfectly happy fulfilled individual and I have feelings,' he said. 'It's not as though I'm some barren forest.'

But as the segment went on, Gunn became more emotional as he shared with the audience the reason that he spent nearly three decades without having sex after a bad experience with a partner.

'It's very personal and it's largely psychological for me,' he said. 'I was in a very intense relationship for a long time. And my partner ended it. Quite frankly, he was impatient with my sexual performance.'

Gunn added that the experience occurred at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.

"A lot of people retreated, concerned about their health,' he said. 'I know I certainly was. I'm happy to be healthy and alive, quite frankly.'

Gunn made clear that he does not have a permanent personal mandate against having sex.

'I don't know what's around the corner,' he said.



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