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Tina Fey revives Sarah Palin caricature and calls gay marriage 'gross'

'Marriage is meant for people who wear different kinds of swimsuits'

Tina Fey dusted off her uncanny and wildly popular impersonation of Sarah Palin during a recent television appearance and, as Palin, took on the issue of gay marriage.

'Well, the bible says it's gross,' she told host James Lipton on an episode of Inside the Actors Studio.

'I don't judge it,' she added. 'A lot of the amazing, wonderful people I met at the audience at Dancing With the Stars seemed to go that way.'

Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, became a favorite parody of Fey on numerous episodes of NBC's Saturday Night Live in the months leading up to that election which she and John McCain lost.

When pressed more by Lipton on the topic of gay marriage, Fey's Palin said: 'Marriage is meant for people who wear different kinds of swimsuits.'

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