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Tom Daley: It's surreal to be called sexy by gay men

British Olympic diver has said he 'really appreciates' his fans after topping a poll to find the world's sexiest man according to gay voters
Tom Daley has said it is 'surreal' to be called sexy by gay fans.
Photo by ITV.

British Olympic diver Tom Daley has said it is really ‘surreal’ to be called sexy by gay fans.

The bronze London 2012 medalist said being named a gay magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man in the World’ was ‘very cool’.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the 19-year-old diver said: ‘It’s cool, any support I appreciate.

'Everyone's been so supportive. [The voters] are the people cheering me on during the Olympics, these are the people that give me extra motivation during training. I really appreciate it.’

On the challenges of living up to his heartthrob status, Daley continued: ‘I don't really feel any pressure because I'm training five hours a day, but you do feel like you're being constantly watched and looked at.’

According to Attitude editor Matthew Todd, the diver’s Ken doll image saw him win the gay poll ‘by a country mile', beating out hunks like Prince Harry and David Beckham.

The comments follow Chris Mears, another British Olympic diver, who told Gay Times he had met gay people through Daley.

‘I’m trying to steal his gay fan base by doing this shoot for GT!’ he joked at the time. ‘I know people through Tom who are gay and I’m good friends with them.’

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