Tom Daley named gay sports personality of the year, full list of ‘Britain’s gay Oscars’

Paul O’Grady, Heather Peace and Joey Barton also win awards at ‘Britain’s gay Oscars’ dinner

Tom Daley named gay sports personality of the year, full list of ‘Britain’s gay Oscars’
26 April 2014

Gay British Olympic diver Tom Daley has scooped his first major LGBTI award at ‘Britain’s gay Oscars’.

The Out In The City and G3 Magazine Awards were presented at a star-studded dinner at London’s swanky Landmark Hotel tonight (25 April).

Other celebrity winners included comedian and TV presenter Paul O’Grady and actress and musician Heather Peace, who shared the Celebrity of the Year accolade.

The Broadcaster of the Year prize went to lesbian BBC News anchor Jane Hill and camp gay comic Graham Norton.

Hill praised rival TV station Channel 4 in her acceptance speech, suggesting the BBC was still to catch up with them.

But speaking about her own promotion fronting the most popular bulletins in the BBC she said: ‘We are making some strides. It is perhaps the first time we have had a gay person fronting the flagship bulletins.’

And Queens Park Rangers soccer midfielder Joey Barton won the Celebrity Straight Ally award.

Barton praised his own gay hero in his acceptance speech telling the guests: ‘I would like to thank my uncle Tome who apart from being the coolest person in the world is the coolest gay person in the world.’

Other celebrity guests included Cilla Black, Sam Fairs, Katie Price, Ben Cohen, Sinitta, Denise Welsh, Gareth Thomas, Louie Spence, Christopher Biggins, Charlie King Michelle Collins, Holly Johnson and John Partridge.

TV soap Hollyoaks was particularly well represented by Kieron Richardson, Stephanie Davies and Jessica Ellis.

And so was scripted reality show The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) with Charlie King and Bobby Cole-Norris attending.

Gay Star News was media partner of the event and presented the marketing award to NatWest, the high street bank featured a lesbian couple in one of their commercials this year.

Here’s the full list of winners:

  • LGBT Network Group: Tesco and Societe Generale
  • Charity or Community Initiative: Stonewall
  • Best Event: Pride in London
  • Brand of the Year: Channel 4
  • Marketing Campaign of the Year: Natwest
  • Corporate Straight Ally: Ann-Marie Hutchinson and Curt Hess (Barclays)
  • LGBT Diversity Champion: Liz Bingham and Colin Campbell Austin
  • Inspirational Role Model: Suran Dickinson (Diversity Role Models) & Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe (Google)
  • Celebrity Straight Ally: Joey Barton (QPR)
  • Sports Personality of the Year: Tom Daley
  • Broadcaster of the Year: Jane Hill (BBC News) and Graham Norton
  • Celebrity of the Year: Paul O’Grady and Heather Peace
  • Rising Star: Kieron Richardson (Hollyoaks)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) and Angela Eagle MP



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