Tom Hanks son tweets shirtless beefcake photos – for ‘ladies’ only

Chet Haze 'humbled' by gay attention but makes clear that he is straight

Tom Hanks son tweets shirtless beefcake photos – for ‘ladies’ only
05 March 2012

When Tom Hanks won an Academy Award in 1994 for playing a gay man with AIDS in the film Philadelphia, he gave a moving speech in which he paid tribute to two men –  high school drama teacher and a classmate – who he described as 'two of the finest gay Americans.'

'I wish my babies could have the same kind of teachers, the same kind of friends,' the actor said, his voice choked with emotion.

Flash-forward nearly two decades and you have Hanks' son, Chicago-based musician Chet Haze, being a little less eloquent in his remarks about gay people.

Over the weekend, Haze, whose real name is Chester M. Hanks, tweeted out some shirtless photos of himself (including the one above) with the message 'Ladies, this is for you.'

But the image of the muscular Northwestern University student quickly got the attention of gay blogs – many which typically post beefcake photos of men gay or straight.

Haze soon realized this and felt the need to clarify his sexuality with this tweet in which he is apparently 'laughing his ass off (lmao.)' over the idea that the photos being admired by gay men might lead anyone to think that he himself might be gay:

'Yo, Shout out to ALL my fans– both straight and gay… #humbled but just so you know I'm straight lmao ok ThankYou.' 

Well, now we know!



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