Topless Ghost hunk Mark Evans helps Gotye tribute go viral

London's Ghost The Musical leads - gay heartthrob Mark Evans and Siobhan Dillon - make sexy video homage to Somebody That I Used To Know

Topless Ghost hunk Mark Evans helps Gotye tribute go viral
18 May 2012

A homage to Gotye’s smash hit single by the stars of London’s Ghost The Musical has gone viral on YouTube. And did I mention it features leading man Mark Evans topless?

The video, which is a spooky cover version of Somebody That I Used To Know, has racked up more than 35,000 viewers since it went online a couple of weeks ago.

Gay heartthrob Evans duets in the four-minute tribute with his Ghost co-star Siobhan Dillon and their sexy version of the music video has the GSN team so hot and bothered, we’re thinking of dusting down the ouiji board to summon the spirit of Patrick Swayze.

‘When we first heard Somebody That I Used To Know it never left our heads so our producers offered us the chance to record our own version,’ said Evans.

‘Our track is quite fitting to the theme of Ghost The Musical. The first lyric for example, ‘Now and then I think of when we were together’, is particularly pertinent. 

‘The Ghost fan base have been amazingly loyal and supportive so we thought we would give them something fun to watch and share. It’s had an incredible response already.

‘Our fellow cast mates have all been humming the song non-stop backstage at the Piccadilly Theatre.  

‘We have massive respect for Gotye and love his music and we hope that he will like our version.’

Watch the video below and tell us what you think:



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