Trans abuse scandal rocks gay safe house in Kenya

LGBT activists call for closure of safe house over allegations that staff member abused residents

Trans abuse scandal rocks gay safe house in Kenya
03 July 2012

A safe house for gays in Kenya has been rocked after a staff member was found guilty of ‘gross misconduct’ for allegedly sexually abusing a transgender resident.

The marshal, who has not been named, was sacked from his post following an investigation by the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK).

According to GALCK, the trans ‘guest’ who the marshal is accused of abusing was staying at his private home from 26 June to 2 July, where she would sometimes do ‘household chores’.

The victim is now in ‘safe custody’ but according to a report by Identity Kenya it is not the first time the marshal has been accused of abusing safe residents.

In a previous report, the Kenyan news source claimed the marshal had forced occupants to clean and made them his ‘slaves’.

However, despite being initially dismissed from his post he was reinstated less than two weeks ago, leading to calls for heads to roll at GALCK, who were in charge of the safe house committee.

‘GALCK is dead. Period,’ gay group Queer Watchtower told Identity Kenya.

‘It needs to be put in receivership or shut down. A management committee of non partisan queer activists should storm the place and take over everything.

‘If there is any shame or guilt, the whole of the GALCK board and management must step down immediately so that whatever remaining dignity they have, remains.’

Meanwhile, sources have reported to Identity Kenya that the safe house has been shut over rent arrears.



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