Trans girl, 9, wins fight to use girls’ school toilets

When her mother told the school officials her daughter wanted to wear girls' clothes, she was forced to sign a document banning her from netball or swimming

Trans girl, 9, wins fight to use girls’ school toilets
17 June 2013

A nine-year-old Australian child has won her fight to use the girls’ school toilets, denied to her because she is transgender.

Known as ‘Jane’, the nine-year-old up until this year had attended the same school dressed in boy’s clothing.

When her mother told the Queensland school her daughter wanted to come to school dressed in girls’ clothes, she was forced to sign a document saying her child would adhere to dress code, use the disabled toilet, and not compete in women’s netball or swimming. 

‘She’s my girl, I want her to be able to go to the girls’ toilets, like all the other girls,’ her mother told The Courier Mail.

In May, the school renamed the disabled toilet ‘unisex’.

With the help from the Australian Transgender Support Association of Queensland, the mother planned to lodge a gender identity discrimination complaint if her daughter continued to be barred from the girls’ toilets.

Collin Allen Waters, the Education Queensland North Coast regional director, backed down finally on Friday (14 June). 

The Queensland school has also, in a turnaround decision, allowed her to compete in girls’ sporting events.

The mother said her daughter first told her she wanted to be a girl when she tried to cut of her penis at the age of four.

When asked how long she knew she was a girl, Jane said: ‘Since I was born.’

When she was two, Jane’s mom allowed Jane to dress as a girl at home, but she was unhappy going to school dressed in the wrong clothes and misbehaved.

She says Jane’s grades have improved and is now a lot more happier.  

‘Jane’ is not the real name of the girl, and the school she attends has not been revealed, in order to protect her and her future right to privacy. 



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