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Trans Matrix director Lana Wachowski and brother make new sci fi series

Cloud Atlas directorial duo return Lana and Andy Wachowski turn to TV for the first time to produce Sense8 for Netflix
Andy and Lana Wachowski discuss Cloud Atlas: The directorial duo are now making a TV series.

Lana and Andy Wachowski, the directors behind the Matrix and Cloud Atlas, are making a TV science fiction series exclusively for Netflix.

The BBC reports the directorial siblings have teamed up with the online streaming service for the 10-episode series, entitled Sense8.

In a statement the pair said: ‘Several years ago, we had a late night conversation about the ways technology simultaneously unites and divides us.

‘Out of that paradox Sense8 was born.’

Netflix confirms the ‘gripping tale of minds linked and souls hunted’ will debut late in 2014.

It’s the first time the pair have done a television project.

Lana made her first public appearance after transitioning last year in a video discussing the creative process behind Cloud Atlas, the blockbuster movie which won several LGBT film awards.

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