Trans movie is surprise hit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s first transgender film has taken the South Asian country by storm

Trans movie is surprise hit in Bangladesh
09 July 2012

A film about a love affair between a transgender woman and a Hindu boy has become a surprise hit in Bangladesh earning it a general release.

Common Gender, the first Bangladeshi film dealing with transgender people, has become an overnight success after opening in just six cinemas in capital city Dhaka, two weeks ago.

‘We opted to release the movie only in six cinemas in the first week as it lacked big stars and some labelled it as an art-house movie,’ said Enamul Karim, the film’s distributor, reported French media company AFP (Agence France-Presse).

‘But it’s a resounding success so far. It is pulling in crowds and other cinemas are taking it up.’

In the movie, Sushmita, a transgender woman, known as a hijra in Bangladesh, falls in love with a Hindu boy, but the boy’s parents refuse to accept Sushmita, eventually leading to her suicide.

The film’s director Norman Robin said he made the film after he saw a transgender person being attacked for using a female toilet in a shopping mall.

The film aims to bring awareness to the troubles faced by transgender people who remain the most marginalised people in the traditionally conservative South Asia.

AFP reported over 1,000 transgender, asexual and eunuch people rallied in Dhaka for a government-sponsored demonstration to raise awareness of their rights.

The film’s creators have announced an Indian producer is in talks to buy the film’s rights.

See the film trailer here:



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