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Trans Murder Monitoring project reveals rise in reported murders of trans people

New figures released this month shows there were over a thousand recorded murders of trans people in five years
Transgender human rights protestors
Carla LaGata

A new update from the Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) project shows that there have been over 1,100 reported murders of trans people in the last five years.

The figures released this month record 1,123 murders in 57 countries from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2012. Recorded murders have increased every year.

'The increase suggests that on the one hand TGEU [Transgender Europe]’s TVT [Transrespect Versus Transphobia] research team has improved its monitoring methods, and received information from activists from many parts of the world,' said a statement from TGEU.

'On the other it suggests that an increase in the visibility of trans people and of trans issues in public discourse may have led to a better reporting of cases.

'Clearly the shocking amount of violence against trans people still poses a major problem and threat to trans people in many countries.'

The highest number of murders were recorded in Brazil (452), Mexico (106) and Colombia (65) - all countries with strong trans movements and trans or LGBT organizations that do professional monitoring, TGEU said.

Outside of Central and South America the most murders of trans people were recorded in the USA (69), Turkey (30) and The Philippines (28).

'Some international trans activists even started to introduce the term "transcide" to reflect the continuously elevated level of deadly violence against trans people on a global scale,' TGEU added.

As well as the TMM project TGEU has done in-depth research into the human rights of trans people and published a report, Transrespect Versus Transphobia Worldwide - A Comparative Review of the Human-rights Situation of Gender-variant/Trans People, in November 2012.  

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