‘Trans is not a mental illness’ campaigners tell WHO

My Transsexual Summer's Maxwell Zachs joins tens of thousands in call for World Health Organization to declassify trans as a mental illness

‘Trans is not a mental illness’ campaigners tell WHO
17 October 2012

The cast of My Transsexual Summer have joined thousands around the globe in calling for the World Health Organization to recognize that trans is not an illness.

More than 35,000 people around the world have backed a Change.org petition started by Maxwell Zachs, a cast member from last summer’s hit UK reality TV show My Transsexual Summer.

The campaign calls on the World Health Organisation (WHO) to remove transsexualism from its mental disorders list.

‘Gender is not an illness, its just a part of who I am, like being Jewish or vegetarian or sometimes talking too much,’ explains Zachs in the petition.

‘Considering transsexual people as mentally ill serves only to contribute to their discrimination.

‘So many countries have requested WHO to remove transsexuality from that list. Even the European Parliament in September 2011 adopted a resolution calling on the WHO to cease to consider transsexuality as a disease. But today transsexuality is still there.’

Homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness by WHO in 1990 and the organization is now revising its categorization of transsexuality.

‘It’s time to say it loud and clear, "transsexuals are not sick", said Zachs.

He added: ‘Now is the time to stop stigmatising transsexual people.’

International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization on 20 October calls for the removal of the categories of ‘gender dysphoria’  and ‘gender identity disorders’ from the WHO diagnosis manuals which will be updated in 2013 and 2015.

The Stop Trans Pathologization website is urging the trans community and supporters to join their fight by taking their own actions.

GSN has contacted the WHO for a response.



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