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Trans people not happy about Jared Leto winning Oscar

According to Jared Leto's online critics, his performance of a trans woman was 'exaggerated', 'stereotyped' and a 'cliché'
Jared Leto's online critics are not happy with his portrayal of a trans woman.

While the critics have raved about Jared Leto’s performance of a trans woman with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club, actual trans women are less than happy.

The singer and actor won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor last night (2 March).

But it was not just the Oscar, Leto has won nearly every award he was nominated for in the awards season this year.

On his promotional trail, the ’30 Seconds To Mars’ frontman has caused controversy with how he approached the Dallas Buyers Club role.

Leto has described the character Rayon as a ‘beautiful creature’ and joked about cross-dressing.

Several trans people reacted to Leto winning the Oscar.

‘If you thought Jared Leto's performance was anything other than an exaggerated, stereotyped, cliché damaging to trans people, f off,’ one said on Twitter.

‘One small step for Jared Leto One giant blow for the trans movement,’ another added.

Another Twitter user said: ‘The fact that every trans person on my [timeline] found Jared Leto's portrayal of a trans person offensive makes me not really want to see that film.’

British trans activist Paris Lees, writing in The Independent, said it was not an Oscar-worthy performance as she did not recognize in Rayon any trans woman she knows.

‘For truly accurate portrayals of trans people, cast trans actors, I say,’ she said.

‘Not everyone in the trans community agrees though – some say that casting “regular” actors is a positive step, which acknowledges that many trans people “blend in”.

‘Many trans people do blend in. But wouldn’t it be better for those trans people to blend in themselves? On screen?’

He did have some support, with one Twitter user saying: 'Jared was asked to ACT as a trans woman in a film. He's not in charge of casting. He did a good job. Get over it.'

Leto was also criticized for not mentioning trans people in his acceptance speech, but has won praise for dedicating the prize to those who lost their lives to AIDS.

He said: ‘To the 36 million people who have lost the battle to AIDS and those of you out there who have ever felt injustice for who you are and who you love, tonight I stand here with you and for you.’

Leto won over Bradley Cooper for American Hustle, Michael Fassbender for 12 Years a Slave, Barkhad Abdi for Captain Phillips and Jonah Hill for The Wolf of Wall Street.

Check out Jared Leto's acceptance speech below:

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Jared Leto's performance as a drug addicted transvestite prostitute was stunning, personally I have never been comfortable with the Transvestite community adopting the overarching title of Trans. I say this as someone who lived on the fringes of that community for parts of my transition. I have met one or two lost souls who could have busked Rayon's part, thankfully our community has become much more strident and confident in seeking wider acceptance. Together we will always be stronger...

I shall reserve judgement, I am about to watch this, I shall return with my verdict...

I think the real problem here is that our trans siblings are being marginalised the same way any group are. The moment we as a society attempt to ascribe any one set of behaviours, tropes and mannerisms to a group, whether saying "this is definitely what they are" or "this is definitely what they aren't", we are still labelling them. We're all people first and members of subcultures second. There is no one unique trait that can define trans people as a group and the same goes for all of us.
I've probably not put this anywhere near as eloquently as I'd have liked. But, my point remains. There is no one thing that can be used to define people in their groups.

Jared Leto is from the American south. Saying someone is a beautiful creature is NOT a bad thing. It's a good thing!