Trans woman asks Kardashian to pay $150,000 for alleged assault

Khloe Kardashian offered out of court settlement by a trans woman who claims US reality star beat her up outside a nightclub in LA

Trans woman asks Kardashian to pay $150,000 for alleged assault
14 May 2012

A transgender woman suing Khloe Kardashian for assault says she will drop the lawsuit if the US reality TV star pays her $150,000.

Chantal Spears sued Kardashian last December, accusing her of pushing her outside the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood, LA , two years ago.

However, Spears, also known as Ronald Spears, has now offered to settle the case out of court, but only if Kardashian coughs up $150,000 for ‘mental and emotional anxiety’.

In new legal documents seen by celebrity gossip website TMZ, Kardashian claims Chantal/Ronald has failed to truly specify what her alleged damages were, despite being asked several times.

According to Spears, Kardashian violently struck her, causing serious injuries and leaving her in fear of her life.

The incident occurred after Spears told Kardashian’s husband, basketball player Lamar Odom, that he was ‘too young to be married’.

In February, Kardashian filed a response to the LA County Superior Court claiming that Spears had provoked the assault.

The case continues.



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