Trans woman stabbed to death in New Jersey

Gay rights organizations are outraged after local media misgenders a trans woman after her death

Trans woman stabbed to death in New Jersey
27 September 2013

A trans woman was stabbed to death in a New Jersey boarding house this Tuesday (24 September).

Eyricka Morgan, 26, was found injured by police at a New Brunswick boarding home at 8.17pm.

She was rushed to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and died less than an hour later. 

The Star-Ledger reports neighbor Devonte Scott was arrested less than a day after, charged with murder, the unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

Scott is now being held in Middlesex County Adult Correction Center in North Brunswick with bail set at $1 million (€740,000).

A Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office spokesman used the victim’s name given at birth, which led to her being misgendered in many local media outlets with little or no mention of her gender identity.

Journalistic practice, in addition to guidelines recently endorsed by the Associated Press and GLAAD, advises reporters to use a trans person’s preferred name and gender.

Morgan was a student at Rutgers University in New Jersey and was involved with the North Jersey Community Research initiative.

In a Rutgers Today article in 2011, Morgan spoke about her family’s lack of support with respect to her gender identity.

‘I had to make a decision,’ Morgan said. ‘Either I be myself or let others control me. So at 14 or 15, I packed up all my stuff and I left.’

The investigation into Morgan’s death is still ongoing.

New Brunswick Police Department has asked anyone with information to contact Det. Kenneth Adobe at (732) 745-5200 or Middlesex County investigator Jose Rodriguez at (732) 745-3300.



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