Trans women to benefit from Peruvian scholarship program

Beca Trans will help 45 transgender women study a technical career or matriculate in universities throughout five Peruvian cities

Trans women to benefit from Peruvian scholarship program
19 August 2012

A coalition of Peruvian LGBT groups have started Beca Trans, a scholarship program for transgender women.

The Homosexual Movement of Lima (MHOL), one of Latin America’s leading LGBT organizations started in 1982, has teamed up with AIDS group Vía Libre and the Runa Institute of Gender Studies and Development (RUNA) to offer 45 transgender women the opportunity to complete their studies.

‘Trans teens are possibly one of the most bullied groups in schools, making it so that lots of times they don’t finish school,’ said Belissa Andía Pérez, executive director of RUNA.

This initiative looks to transform the reality of trans teens in school and represents an opportunity to improve the quality of life for transgender people in our country.’ 

To qualify for a scholarship, entries must be of age and present a valid birth certificate along with a recommendation from a trans organization.

Applicants will then be evaluated by a team of experts made up of representatives from UNESCO, UNAIDS and the Ministry of Education, among others.

Giovanny Romero Infante, president of MHOL said in a statement: ‘We’re confident that Beca Trans will demonstrate to the state and to society the real potential of trans individuals.

According to MHOL, the goal of Beca Trans is to reduce the number of new HIV transmissions in the most vulnerable communities, which include the transgender community, through promoting anti-discrimination public policies and encouraging the unification of LGBT groups in the country. 

Beca Trans is a part of the program Peru presented at the 10th anniversary of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.



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