Transgender beauty queen finally wins acceptance from her father

Kevin Balot tells national morning TV show that her father now accepts her as transgender

Transgender beauty queen finally wins acceptance from her father
14 November 2012

Kevin Balot, a Filipina transgender beauty queen who won an international beauty contest in Thailand last week said in a TV interview on Monday that her father now accepts her gender identity.

After Balot, 21, became the first Filipina to win the Miss International Queen contest she said to reporters:

‘I’m very proud to be first here, and I hope my dad will accept me. Because in the family I’m the only boy, and my dad has big expectations of me. I made it. I won the International Queen Pageant, and I believe that my dad will accept me not only as his son but also as his daughter.’

During an interview with The Philippines’ GMA Network’s morning TV show on Monday, Balot said her father now accepts her as transgender.

Balot won a $10,000 dollar prize and a bejewelled crown at Miss International Queen 2012 in the resort town on Pattaya, Thailand.

Naomi Fontanos founder of GANDA (Gender and Development Advocates) Filipinas a transgender rights group in the Philippines told Gay Star News the community is very proud of her.

Fontanos said that although she hopes Balot will use her new-found fame to advocate for trans rights, she understands if she doesn’t.

‘I hope Kevin will educate herself on the issues that the community confronts but in case she’s not well-versed on the issues then people will understand,’ Fontanos said. ‘We will not fault her to that.

‘She has the freedom to be who she is and we don’t have expectations of her as a political advocate. But we’re proud of her for reaching a milestone and achieving something that’s never been done before.’

Watch Kevin Balot being interviewed on GMA Network here: 



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