Transgender candidate makes history in Florida

Gina Duncan is making history for being a popular transgender candidate for the Orange County, Florida Commission 

Transgender candidate makes history in Florida
28 July 2012

Transgender candidate Gina Duncan is making a historic bid to be elected to the post of Orange County Commissioner in Florida, USA.

If Democrat candidate Duncan is to win the race against incumbent Ted Edwards, she would be the first transgender person to hold a public office in the south-east of the United States, as reported by The Advocate.

Gina Duncan, born Gregory Pingston, transitioned in 2007 at the age of 50.

She worked for nearly thirty years as an executive in the banking sector and is now a small business owner. She will be focusing on economic issues in the race.

Duncan has also received unprecedented positive coverage by the local media.

In an interview with WOFL TV, a local channel affiliated with Fox News, she said she has two grown up kids and her family ‘is absolutely the definition of unconditional love’.

She also said despite the overwhelming positive approval she sometimes has negative reactions while campaigning due to her being transgender.

The interview focused on her campaign efforts and how she proposes to deal the economic challenges in the county.

During the interview, reporter Chase Cain asked her whether being transgender willl ever not be an issue. 

She answered: ‘Maybe not in my lifetime, but someday being transgender will mean no more than being right or left-handed.’

He also asked her what it would mean to her if she would be the first transgender person elected to a public post in the south-east of the United States.

‘That wouldn’t mean a great deal to me, but it would mean a great deal that the community is embracing diversity and social equality for all people’, she replied.

Duncan’s campaign site can be accessed here.

Watch her interview with WOFL:



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