Transgender couple in Thailand speak

A touching video about a Thai opposite-gender couple who both happen to be trans

Transgender couple in Thailand speak
05 November 2012

The Bangkok post has made a touching video about a loving couple who both happen to be transgender.

Trans woman Sittichai ‘Pond’ Suafug and trans man Benhamaporn ‘Ben’ Rotjutakul met five years ago and on Valentine’s Day this year Ben proposed.

The couple are unusual among LGBT couples, because they are registered as opposite sexes on their birth certificates, they are able to legally get married in Thailand.

‘I think we’re normal, no more special than other couples,’ says Suafug on the video. ‘But I’m lucky that I met someone who sincerely loves me. This is where I’m special.’

‘It’s hard for some transgender women like Pond to find someone who is sincere,’ says Rotjutakul, adding ‘I want to buy a house for her’.

The couple want to have a ‘real wedding ceremony’ and to become parents when Rotjutakul is 30. Their parents support them but they say they sometimes get looks and comments from strangers when they are out in public together.

‘Even though Thai society still isn’t open to this issue, we will try our best every day,’ says Rotjutakul.

Watch the video here



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