Transwoman charged with death via buttock injections

Florida transwoman known as ‘the Dutchess’ charged with manslaughter after allegedy injecting a woman's buttocks with a substance bought at The Home Depot

Transwoman charged with death via buttock injections
27 July 2012

Oneal Morris, a transwoman known as ‘the Dutchess’, was charged with manslaughter in a Florida court on Tuesday after allegedly injecting a woman’s buttocks with an unknown substance from The Home Depot.

The victim, Shatarka Nuby died in March this year while in prison for an unknown charge in Tallahassee, Florida.

The autopsy listed the cause of death as respiratory failure ‘due to systemic silicone migration as a consequence of cosmetic silicone injections of the buttocks and hips’.

Nuby wrote a letter to the Florida Department of Health in November last year saying that she had received ‘multiple body enhancement injections’ from Morris and was now suffering ‘severe medical problems’.

Florida Department of Health investigator Christopher Butler then took a statement from Nuby in December 2011 in which she said that Morris had injected her with substances approximately ten times between 2007 and 2011.

Nuby said she paid Morris $2,000 (€1,625) for the first injection.

Morris does not hold a license to practice medicine in the state, but Nuby’s grandmother said that she used to wear medical clothes and a stethoscope when injecting Nuby.

Morris is also being investigated for charges of unlicensed practice of healthcare causing serious bodily injury in a number of other cases.

One of the injections was witnessed by Nuby’s 10-year-old child and a friend of Nuby’s said that she had seen her buttocks turn black.

Nuby’s aunt said that Morris had told her the substance she injected into Nuby’s body was from home improvements store The Home Depot, according to court documents and Sky News.



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