Travolta’s attorney dismisses allegation that actor tried to have sex with Grease co-star Jeff Conaway

Marty Singer: 'This is the very first time we are hearing this new outlandish story'

Travolta’s attorney dismisses allegation that actor tried to have sex with Grease co-star Jeff Conaway
18 May 2012

In the 1978 musical Grease, Danny Zuko and Kenickie were the best of friends and the actors who played them, John Travolta and Jeff Conaway, got to be pretty close off screen as well.

Conaway died last year but according to his girlfriend, his friendship with Travolta had ended more than a decade earlier. She alleges that the two-time Oscar nominee tried to have oral sex with Conaway while staying at his house in the 1990s.

The story,  published in the tabloid The Globe, is the latest sexual allegation to surface against Travolta in the past two weeks and the latest to be batted down by the actor’s attorney, Marty Singer.

‘This spate of recklessly published tabloid stories is just part of a malicious tabloid agenda to boost lagging sales by running outrageous defamatory stories about my client sourced by people seeking notoriety or a payday,’ Singer said in a statement.

Singer questioned the credibility of Vicki Lizzi, Conaway’s girlfriend at the time of his death. She told the tabloid she learned of the alleged incident in a note Conaway wrote in a failed 2006 suicide attempt.

‘Vicki Lizzi … has been a regular paid source… yet this is the very first time we are hearing this new outlandish story that is supposedly based on a six-year-old notarized suicide note,’ Singer said. ‘[She] sold more stories than we can count to (Globe parent company) AMI publications both before and after Jeff Conaway died.’

The spate of stories about Travolta began when two male masseurs accusing him of sexual battery and harassment filed lawsuits against him. They are now being represented by famed attorney Gloria Allred.



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