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Turkey shuts down transgender support site

In the latest crackdown of the LGBT community, an information blog has been shut down after a complaint was made to the Turkish government
A trans site has been taken down in Turkey.

Turkey has shut down a transgender support site in its latest crackdown of the LGBT community.

Transsick-o, an information blog for trans men, was censored by the Turkish government yesterday (8 October), according to the main LGBT association KAOS GL.

According to the LGBT rights group, it was shut down by the Presidency of Telecommunication over an ‘administrative measure’.

This means a website can be blocked without a court order or notifying the site owner if the site, for example, encourages suicide, paedophilia, drug use, gambling, treason or obscenity.

The non-sexual blog covered a broad range of topics on trans men including health care, military, law and coming out.

No longer able to access, the owners were forced to move the content to Tumblr and a German domain.

Transsick-o’s admins have suggested they have been shut down after a complaint was made to the Turkish government.

The trans support site has said they will appeal against the decision in court.

Transsick-o said, ‘We see the closure of this information sharing website without any notice as an intervention to the freedom of expression.’

It follows gay dating app Grindr being banned in Turkey for being against the ‘general morality’.

Omer Akpinar, a Turkish gay rights activist, has said: ‘Any lifestyle or identity, which does not fit to the state’s ideology, is being deprived of their rights and freedoms.’

If you are not in Turkey and would like to visit Transsick-o, click here.

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