Tuscan official goes ahead with Pride gay marriages

A symbolic same-sex union will be celebrated in Viareggio on Saturday to highlight the lack of rights for LGBT people in Italy

Tuscan official goes ahead with Pride gay marriages
05 July 2012

A symbolic gay marriage will be celebrated at the Tuscan Pride in Viareggio, near Florence, on Saturday (7 July).

Pride organizers want to highlight the lack of rights for same-sex couples in Italy.

The marriage will be celebrated by Cristina Scaletti, the tourism and business secretary of the Tuscan government.

The move has been revealed in an interview appeared on the LGBT website Gay.it.

Scaletti said: ‘We are far from the other European countries and this is no more tolerable. Now, in Italy, gay prides are indispensable and unavoidable, because LGBT people don’t have any right.’

The right-wing politicians of the Tuscan assembly reacted angrily: ‘This is a useless provocation, we don’t’ need gay marriages,’ said Stefania Fuscagni of PDL party.

‘This is a sort of carnival and we believe that it goes against LGBT people’s rights.’

Scaletti is an Italian and French citizen. She said: ‘I voted for president Hollande because I knew he would have helped same-sex couples, and now the French government has just launched gay marriage.

‘Tuscany is the region of tolerance, openness and rights. We could not say “no” to a gay pride. I’ve also launched the website for LGBT tourism, and it has been a great success so far.’ 



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