TV doctor Christan Jessen to test ‘gay cures’

British TV doctor will be the guinea pig for some of the most dangerous ways to 'treat' a person's sexuality

TV doctor Christan Jessen to test ‘gay cures’
22 January 2014

British TV doctor Christian Jessen will be testing ‘gay cures’ in a new TV show.

The 37-year-old Embarrassing Bodies star will front Channel 4’s new show ‘Cure Me, I’m Gay’.

He will be looking at alleged cures for homosexuality by talking to supposed ‘experts’ and looking at the legitimacy of their methods.

The gay TV doctor, who is well-known for appearing on British programmes including Supersize vs Superskinny, will be putting himself forward as a guinea pig for the treatments.

He will undergo intensive anti-gay treatment and be tested afterwards to see if the cure has any affect on him at all.

During the documentary, Jessen reveals as a doctor he has often had patients desperate to become straight.

Investigating why these treatments are physically and emotionally detrimental to patients, the programme will also give a lie detector test to those who have claimed to have ‘turned’ straight.

Jessen, who is in a long term relationship with his partner, has spoken before about his experiences as a gay man.

In a 2012 interview, he said: ‘‘There is a massive prejudice around being a gay doctor.

‘It was different for me as I have never been "obviously" gay and so people are often surprised when they find out.

‘I have been exposed to off-the-cuff homophobic comments from other doctors, especially when being trained in sexual health. Prejudice towards patients and sexual health do exist.’

‘Cure Me, I’m Gay’ is expected to air on Channel 4 later this year.



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