TV legend Betty White says she doesn’t understand homophobes

'I don’t care whom you sleep with. It’s "What kind of a human being are you?"'

TV legend Betty White says she doesn’t understand homophobes
24 April 2014 Print This Article

Betty White says she doesn’t understand why there are homophobes in this world.

‘I don’t care whom you sleep with,’ the 92-year-old TV legend tells Larry King.

‘It’s "What kind of a human being are you?" I don’t understand (why people are anti-gay). It’s such a personal private business and it’s none of mine.’

White, who won an Emmy for her first television series Life With Elizabeth in 1951, is currently starring in the hit sitcom Hot in Cleveland.

But she is best known for her iconic roles as man hungry Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and as naive Rose Nyland on The Golden Girls.

The latter show, in which she starred with Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty, attracted a huge gay following during its 1985-92 run. It remains popular in reruns and is a mainstay on video nights in many gay bars in the US.

Of her longevity and success White says: ‘You’ve always got to think of it as the privilege of the world to get to this point.’

The six-time Emmy winner has no patience for anyone who lets their stardom go to their head.

‘They think it’s their due,’ she tells King. ‘It isn’t. There’s always someone over there who can do it better.’



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