TV’s The Golden Girls were well ahead of the curve on gay marriage

Watch as Blanche has an epiphany about her gay brother during kitchen table chat with Sophia

TV’s The Golden Girls were well ahead of the curve on gay marriage
12 May 2012

If The Golden Girls were on today, Sophia Petrillo would probably have a few things to say, in her funny feisty way, about US President Barack Obama’s embrace of gay marriage.

Sophia, played by the late Estelle Getty, was already a gay marriage supporter in this episode of the classic NBC sitcom that ran from 1985-92.

One of her roommates, the narcissistic Southern belle Blanche Devereaux, is fretting because her brother is going to marry another man.

Blanche, played by the late Rue McClanahan, says she accepts her brother being gay but wonders why he and his partner want to make a big public statement about it.

Sophia asks Blanche why she wanted to marry her husband.

A little light bulb seems to go off in Blanche’s head and she realizes what a hypocrite she’s been.

Here is the scene from the series that also starred Bea Arthur and Betty White. It holds up amazingly well today.



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