Twelve-year-old Singaporean speaks out against bullies

High school kid speaks directly to bullies in a YouTube video that shows maturity and intelligence

Twelve-year-old Singaporean speaks out against bullies
07 May 2013

A 12-year-old boy in Singapore has made an articulate response to bullies who have been calling him gay slurs over the past few months, online and in school.

Theo Chen, who likes making fun music videos and posting on YouTube, directly addressed the bullies in a video, telling them ‘think about what you’re saying’.

To answer gossip from his ‘friends’ about whether he is gay or not, Chen says:

‘The honest thing is that I don’t really know. Do you guys even know how old I am? I’m 12 years old. And you’re calling me gay? You shouldn’t judge people on their sexuality. You should just people on their personality.’

Chen also tells his sister’s friends who have been bullying him ‘calling someone else gay doesn’t make you any more straight’.

‘Right now, I like girls,’ Chen says. ‘I don’t think I’m gay at the current moment. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay… I don’t think mankind should judge people on their sexuality.

‘I’m 12 and I know this. I should just be enjoying high school but I’m not and it’s really bugging me. So can you please stop. Just accept me for who I am.’

The video was posted yesterday and has been watched nearly 1,000 times. Most of the comments are very supportive.

‘I’m double your age and i don’t know if i’m gay, or bi, or straight or whatever,’ said Leotravas. ‘The key thing is to respect everyone and understand that we are all a part of each other… Keep strong.’

”¨’Woohoo!!! Wonderful job there! Hope your school principal does something about it soon,’ said J Sangye. ‘That’s what he/she is taking a salary to do.’ 

‘Kudos to you little guy,’ said Sidney Reuben Lim. ‘I am really glad to be a Singaporean watching this all the way from Chicago and knowing that there are guys like you standing up for what you believe in and for standing up for the people of the gay community. :)’”¨

If Chen is anything to go by, the next generation in Singapore will soon put a stop to bigoted attitudes of the past.

Watch Chen’s video here:



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