Two Aussie straight guys seek funding for gay marriage film

SUPER AWESOME! is a musical comedy about gay marriage set in Australia and London

Two Aussie straight guys seek funding for gay marriage film
03 December 2012

Two Australian actors have written a feature film about gay marriage and are seeking crowd-funding to finish it.

Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes met 10 years ago when they starred in the London and Australian productions of Holding the Man, a play based on Timothy Conigrave’s memoir about the love and death of two HIV positive men.

Zeremes told Gay Star News that through starring in the heart-wrenching play, he and Edmonds met many gay men who were touched by their performance.

‘I think due to the emotional ride the audience was taken on in the play, many of the audience members felt like they needed to track Guy and I down after the shows and thank us and share their own stories,’ Zeremes said.

‘Many of the relationships that were forged through that are still strong. It is through these relationships we have gained insight into what marriage equality means to those who it is denied. And these are the voices we are speaking on behalf of in our film.’  

The film, SUPER AWESOME!, is more light-hearted than Holding the Man however, and tackles the topic of gay marriage via comedy and music.

Edmonds told Gay Star News that he thinks gay marriage is ‘one of the last great human rights issues facing the Western world’ but he and Zeremes decided to deal with it through ‘humor and entertainment as opposed to making a hard-hitting documentary’.

The Australian-set part of the film is financed and set to begin shooting in January 2013 but the filmmakers have taken to crowd-funding website Indie Gogo to finance the finale that needs to be shot in London’s West End. They are seeking to raise $50,000 (Australian dollars, $52,000 €40,000) by 31 December.

The filmmakers campaign video features fake appearances on Graham Norton and Ellen’s chat shows and an cameo from Kath & Kim actress Jane Turner, watch it here:  



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