Two men to face trial for homosexuality in Uganda next month

Two men to be charged with sex ‘against the order of nature’, in the first trial since the passing of the anti-gay law

Two men to face trial for homosexuality in Uganda next month
19 April 2014

Two men are to face trial for homosexuality in Uganda next month, the first to do so since the anti-gay bill was made law in February this year.

Kim Mukisa, 24, and Jackson Mukasa, 19, are set to face trial on 7 May, the Guardian reports.

Both men are to be charged with sexual relations ‘against the order of nature.’

Mukisa was charged with ‘having sexual knowledge of a person against the order of nature’ and Mukasa was charged with ‘permitting a person to have sexual knowledge of him against the order of nature.’

The men reportedly denied the charges in December, but prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to convict them.

The men could face life imprisonment if they are found guilty of homosexual acts.

The two men are the first who will face a trail, after other cases reportedly collapsing before they reached courts or paying fines to avoid prison.

In December 2013, the anti-gay bill was passed by Parliament and in February President Yoweri Museveni signed the anti-gay bill into law on live television.

The punishments mean anyone engaged in homosexual activity can face life imprisonment.

In reaction to the law, several countries stopped sending aid to Uganda in protest.

Since the passing of the law, several stories of violence and discrimination against gay people in several African countries have surfaced.



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