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Two UK men who lured, blackmailed men on Grindr will be jailed

One victim handed over £15,000 ($25,000, €19,000) to the blackmailers
Two men are to be jailed for blackmailing men on Grindr.

Two British men who used the app Grindr to lure and blackmail gay men will be jailed.

Nathanael Foster and Adam Webb, both from Gloucester in South West England, have been charged with two counts of blackmail.

Gloucester Crown Court heard how the pair trapped two men, with one even handing over £15,000 ($25,000, €19,000) to the pair.

Prosecutor Janine Wood said one of the victims went to the police while he was being blackmailed and their investigations revealed the second man, who had paid up the cash.

Foster and Webb claimed they were posing as 15-year-olds, a year under the age of consent, and filmed the meetings in order to extort money from the men.

During court, they admitted two counts of blackmail.

The Gloucester Citizen reports Wood said: ‘They set up a profile and were in contact with the first victim.

‘He agreed to meet them and they put forward that they were going to inform others about his activities and what his interests were, and they suggested he paid them £10,000 to forget it.

‘He bought himself some time, spoke to a friend and told police. Police discovered another victim and got in contact with him. He had already met them in Gloucester and they had set the same trap and he agreed he would pay the money.

‘They even went back to his house with him and they asked him for £10,000. They thought he was messing them around and so then asked for £15,000. They stayed with him for the rest of the day and got the £15,000.’

Defending for Foster, Matthew Harbinson alleged the pair were trying to catch people interested in underage sex, not gay sex.

The pair, already told they will be going to prison, will receive their sentences on 21 August.

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Oh yeh please stop saying just gay men like it was anything to do with being gay it is about pedo's who happen to be gay

Robert they took a plea bargain for the blackmail not anything to do with the money like I said don't believe what u read in the papers it's bull crap these guys offered money to not be put on utube it was ment to be a documentary on the dangers of the internet like how to catch a preditor u really should not comment on things u don't know the ins and outs of really remember these guys are not victims there preditors and were going to meet children 14 yrs old not 15 aswell

These two men are not scum they are hard working family men so don't believe everything you read in the paper the only victims would be the children that would of met these guys remember they were wanting to meet with children and have sex with them there the only ones that should be locked up don't comment on things u know nothing about and don't comment if you are going to stick up for pedo scum

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