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Uganda: 'Kill The Gays' bill must be made law now

A former minister has launched a campaign urging politicians to learn from the 'heroic actions' of Ghana, Nigeria and Russia and 'protect Ugandan citizens'
Uganda speaker Rebecca Kadaga has championed the 'Kill The Gays' bill.

A former Uganda ‘ethics and integrity’ minister has said the ‘Kill The Gays’ bill must be made law now.

James Nsaba Buturo has urged members of parliament to stop debating and pass the long-delayed Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Speaking this week, the politician has said LGBTI supporters are on a ‘propaganda spree’ to stop the Uganda bill passing.

‘Homosexuality supporters...are using every known international institution to threaten their opponents to normalize the act,’ Buturo told reporters.

He claims LGBT supporters have ‘bribed and threatened the weak and fearful’ Ugandan government.

He believes David Bahati, the politician who authored the original 2009 bill, has been pressured to keep quiet about it.

‘A test of MPs’ true commitment to protecting the people’s interests will be assessed in their readiness to pass the bill without any further delay,’ Buturo added.

His new political group is planning on lobbying voters across the country to campaign for the bill to be passed into law.

The former minister said Ugandan politicians should learn from the ‘heroic actions’ of their counterparts in Ghana, Nigeria and Russia who have passed homophobic laws to ‘protect their citizens’.

Last year, speaker Rebecca Kadaga promised she would pass the ‘Kill The Gays’ bill as a ‘Christmas present’ to the Ugandan people.

While Uganda already punishes LGBTs with life imprisonment for having gay sex, the new law would mean they would face the death penalty if they were a ‘repeat offender’.

But a vote never happened, leaving some to believe it was either an empty threat or afraid the country could not survive without vital international aid.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill eventually dropped off the parliamentary order of business paper around May, although it did make infrequent appearances at later dates.

Gay rights campaigners in Uganda have told GSN politicians could once again consider the ‘Kill The Gays’ bill depending on the trial of gay Brit Bernard Randall.

Prior to the trial, other LGBTI experts in the country have said they never expect the bill to become law.

The 65-year-old, facing trial for trafficking in obscene publications, had his laptop computer stolen and images of him in bed with another man were published in a Uganda tabloid.

Now described as an ‘illegal alien’, Randall says he is being fined £18, ($29, €21) every day, subject to deportation at any moment and will never be able to return to Uganda.

Facing a two year prison sentence, his postponed court date will take place on 16 December. 

Now described as an ‘illegal alien’, he says he will not be fined £18, ($29, €21) every day, subject to deportation at any moment and ever be able to return to Uganda. - See more at:
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I think that when Uganda accepts a law that is in the meaning of outlawing homosexuality, and wereby people are killed because they are homosexual (true or falsely), any civilized country should have the decency to end relations with such country, to put a boycott on trade with such country, end every social, cultural and or any other relation with such a country, force companies to withdraw their representatives from that country, force aid organizations to end their aid programs for the citizens of such countries (often if not always aid money already ends in the pockets of the corrupt rulers, so there would be no harm done to the citizens), and to outlaw visitors to such countries!
Diplomatic relations should be ended, till such bigot countries have come to its senses, and realize that a repetition of pre-WW2 (what happened to the jews by the national socialists) is utterly wrong!

My opinion!

Freedom is about freedom for everyone. There is no distinction between gender, sexual orientation, race, disability or any other group. You are either (a) in favour of all this (welcome well done!) or(b) you are in favour of freedom for some parts of the various strands of humanity and not others.

HINT the category A contains Nelson Mandela ans B contains Adolf Hitler and others of his ilk.

Take your pick

From another Gay Star News piece
Our hero: As world mourns, South African gay groups pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

While best known for his work in race equality as South Africa’s first black president, he also created the Rainbow Nation – a country where gay rights and marriage equality was enshrined in the constitution.

In his book Long Walk To Freedom, Mandela says: ‘For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.’

He would absolutely bemoan the small minds and hearts of these Ugandans!

Nelson Mandela… #MADIBA would decry her and her ideas. FULL EQUALITY was enshrined in South Africa’s Constitution in 1996… Why can’t these middle aged people grow up?!

….and who did she steal from… These people always start yammering this garbage whenever investigations get too close to their own/families corruption!

Since Obama is a "gay supporter" and since the U.S.A government LOVES to get involved with other countries business, why doesn't Obama send some troops to Uganda to get rid of the ignorant bastards that want to pass the bill? I do not believe in killing people generally, but if you are trying to kill someone just because they like their own gender, then I wouldn't mind seeing you die. Straight people saying that gays or lesbians shouldn't like the same gender is kind of like a gay or lesbian saying straight people shouldn't like the opposite sex. I want someone to give me real, oppropriate, evidence as to why gays and lesbians are treated differently from the rest of us. They are human just like us, they are created the same way, they have the "higher right" to like and fall in love with who ever they please just like the rest of us do. Just because they like the same sex DOES NOT!!!!!!! mean that they should be treated any differently. I hate to say it but if we as the human race are going to ALLOW such ignorant, ignorance, then the human race is 100% doomed. Why does it matter if a male likes another male, or a women likes another women? They have the right to love whoever they want like the rest of us. Does being gay or lesbian mean that they aren't human? HELL FUCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally believe that the country of sorryass Uganda should be destroyed. It seems to be the penticale of sexism, racism, and overall ignorance and hatred. If you are part of the Ugandaian government and you can read this, then FUCK YOU, YOUR COUNTRY, AND YOUR STUPID BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no damn reason for you to hate gays and lesbians. They are humans too, and they DESERVE and NEED to be treated with RESPECT!!!!!!!! I want one of you to email why you want to kill gays for. If you or anyone else have any comments, questions, or concerns then please email me at