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Uganda lesbian to be deported tonight

Last minute appeal to stop the UK home office from sending Ugandan asylum seeker Linda Nakibuuka back to homophobic violence
Protest outside Uganda emabassy in London against the deportation of gay and lesbian asylum seekers

Despite protests a 22-year-old Ugandan lesbian who was the victim of violent anti-gay abuse in her home country is to be deported back there from the UK tonight (Friday 22).

Linda Nakibuuka was tortured for being a lesbian in Uganda, where both male and female homosexuality is illegal.

Catholic bishops in the country recently recommended the revival of a bill that could punish gay sex with the death penalty and yesterday a government 'crackdown' on LGBT NGOs was announced.

Movement for Justice started a petition and protested outside the Ugandan embassy last Friday.

The group’s campaigner Abbey Kiwanuka told Gay Star News:

‘Linda was issued with a flight ticket and she is due to be deported on 22nd June, this Friday night. We know her name has got out and we believe she will be handed over to the hands which are expecting her. We are still fighting to stop her deportation.’

Movement for Justice were able to contact Nakibuuka’s MP yesterday, Siobhain McDonagh. She will log an appeal and try to stop the flight.

‘If the worst comes and she is put on a plane,’ said Abbey. ‘She will have to do it the bad way by refusing to go. She might do it on plane or before jumping on the flight. It’s a passenger flight and no one would like to fly eight hours with a shouting young girl on board.’

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