Uganda lesbian, raped by uncle to ‘cure’ her, given chance to save her life

Due to be deported from the UK today, a 30-year-old fears she will be beaten, imprisoned and killed if she is forced to go back to Uganda

Uganda lesbian, raped by uncle to ‘cure’ her, given chance to save her life
10 June 2014

A Uganda lesbian, who was raped by her uncle to ‘cure’ her, has been given a chance to have her life saved.

Harriet Nakigudde, 30, was hours away from being deported from the UK where she feared she would be beaten, imprisoned, or even killed.

She was scheduled to leave today (10 June).

Activists had described it as a ‘miscarriage of justice’ that she was being deported, as Nakigudde had a pending judicial review application in the High Court.

But last night, around 9pm, an officer at Yarl’s Wood detention center told her that she would not be getting back on that dreaded plane back to Uganda.

Speaking on the phone to Gay Star News earlier, Nakigudde said: ‘When he walked in, I thought that was it. But no, they told me the flight had been cancelled.

‘I am so relieved.’

But this morning, another officer said the plane was cancelled for ‘administrative reasons’ and she would be given another ticket back to Uganda.

This is in despite of fresh evidence coming to light, a family member supporting her, as well as lawyers and other organizations getting involved.

‘When the officer came back into my room, I couldn’t believe it,’ she told GSN. ‘My solicitor has told me not to worry. But I can’t help but worry.

‘I was feeling happy earlier. I’m afraid of going back to Uganda. I don’t want to go back to Uganda. I’m afraid for my life.’

Edwin Sesange, of Out and Proud Diamond Group, said ‘administrative reasons’ is vague and could mean anything.

‘They should have looked at her case properly,’ he told GSN.

‘They are willing to deport her without looking at court decision. So it’s hard to understand what they’re really up to, it’s so confusing.

‘We’re so, so worried about Harriet and about what they’re doing to her.’

Wimbledon Solicitors and the Out and Proud Diamond Group are aiding her, and she is receiving therapeutic care from the Helen Bamber Foundation.



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