Uganda newspaper publishing names and photos of people alleged to be gay

Tabloid Red Pepper prints story called 'Top Uganda Gay Recruiters Busted'

Uganda newspaper publishing names and photos of people alleged to be gay
25 February 2013

The daily tabloid the Red Pepper continues its tradition of putting gay and lesbian Ugandans at risk.

As reported by the New Civil Rights Movement, the newspaper published an article called ‘Top Uganda Gay Recruiters Busted.’ The story included photos of individuals who are allegedly gay.

LGBT activist Frank Mugisha broke the story on his Twitter feed on 23 February.

‘Ugandan tabloid red pepper again, naming gay Ugandans with pictures.I feel 4 people’s photos who r not "out" the harassment they will face,’ he wrote.

The tabloid’s history with this type of journalism is well documented. In 2012 December it printed graphic photos allegedly depicting the head of the country’s prime football team, Chris Mubiru, ‘sodomizing’ a young team player.

In a 2009 May interview, Ben Byarabaha, Red Pepper’s news editor, promised the tabloid would continue its campaign against alleged LGBT citizens by publishing names, photographs and addresses.

Uganda’s Parliament is considering whether to debate, and vote, for legislation called the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (also known as ‘Kill The Gays’ bill). If passed, the proposal would broaden criminalization of same-sex relationships by dividing homosexuality into two categories: aggravated homosexuality and the offense of homosexuality.

Under the only version of the bill in the public domain, the death penalty is punishment for ‘aggravated homosexuality.’ That is defined as gay acts committed by parents or authority figures, HIV-positive people, pedophiles and repeat offenders.



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