Uganda’s Museveni meets with Obama days after repeal of anti-gay law

Gay activists have said they are 'betrayed' by Obama inviting the Ugandan president to a summit at the White House

Uganda’s Museveni meets with Obama days after repeal of anti-gay law
06 August 2014

Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni has met with President Barack Obama days after the repeal of the anti-gay law.

The first sitting US president to back equal marriage and the First Lady posed for a picture with the man that agrees homosexuality is an ‘abomination’.

The White House was holding a dinner yesterday with heads of state from Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya among others to discuss strengthening the US’ ties with Africa.

Just days before, the Constitutional Court in Uganda ruled the Anti-Homosexuality Act must be nullified due to parliamentary speaker Rebecca Kadaga acting ‘illegally’. At least one third of lawmakers are required in parliament before passing legislation.

Prior to the summit, several petitions were launched to call on the White House to disinvite the Ugandan president.

Milton Allimadi, a Ugandan-born human rights activist, said Obama should not be in the same room as a man who proudly led a five-hour parade celebrating the anti-gay law’s passage earlier this year.

And Melanie Nathan, a US activist who works with African LGBTI rights, said she has felt ‘betrayed’ by the meeting.

‘The hardest part for me is I truly love this President,’ she said.

‘I thought he was one of our greatest. I am so disappointed I can barely find the words to express my anger and sadness.

‘I feel as if my best friend just stabbed me in the back.’

She added: ‘Some LGBT community members are still in hiding – unable to work, struggling to survive – And you welcome him into OUR White House.

‘I am angry and as a lesbian American I feel betrayed! There is no justification for this whatsoever. You have lost my support!’



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