UK’s most gay-friendly universities revealed

Stonewall launches the Gay By Degree 2013, a guide which ranks universities on how gay friendly they are

UK’s most gay-friendly universities revealed
22 June 2012

Britain’s most gay friendly universities have been revealed in a new guide out today (22 June). 

UK-based gay rights charity Stonewall has launched the third edition of Gay By Degree, the only guide profiling Britain’s 150 universities.

University College London and the Universities of Aberystwyth and Portsmouth got full marks for the second year running.

They were joined this year by Liverpool John Moores University and the Universities of Cardiff, Glasgow and Salford.

Students who register on the site, which is free to access, can build up shortlists of schools so they can compare their options. For the first time, the guide is optimized for mobile devices.

Stonewall Head of Education Wes Streeting said: ‘This year we also hope current students use the guide as a way to encourage universities to improve what they’re doing to support gay people.’

While many lesbian, gay and bisexual students have a positive university experience, Stonewall says recent research has shown almost half have also experienced negative treatment from students because of their sexuality.

Stonewall consulted with students, and came up with ten criteria to rank universities on how well they support gay people.

These included whether they have a policy to tackle homophobic bullying, whether there are societies and events for LGBT students, and whether they support gay staff effectively.

Stonewall Chief Executive Ben Summerskill said: ‘Information about what universities actually do to support their lesbian, gay and bisexual students has all too often not been available to prospective students, leaving them unsure of what to expect.

‘That’s why Gay By Degree is based solely on information already in the public domain, so that prospective students can make an informed choice about where to study.’

You can check out the guide here. 



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