UK brothers were ‘having a laugh’ when attacking trans woman, avoid prison

Two men have been given suspended sentences for two years after they admitted to brutally attacking a trans woman until she was on the ground

UK brothers were ‘having a laugh’ when attacking trans woman, avoid prison
30 January 2014

Two brothers from the UK have escaped a prison sentence after they said they were ‘having a laugh’ when the attacked a trans woman.

Luke and Nathan Statton, 24 and 23, from Bridgwater were handed suspended sentences on 27 January, meaning they will go to prison if they re-offend. The elder will serve eight months in jail, while the younger will get five months. 

In March last year, the brothers damaged the victim’s property. The Bridgewater Mercury reports how the elder kicked over a sign outside the home, and she came outside to confront them.

After being pushed and punched in the face by the younger Statton, the eldest kicked and stamped on her while she was on the ground.

Judge Eric Salomonsen warned them: ‘I have seen the CCTV of this unprovoked attack. I have no doubt homophobic remarks were used. Luke Statton, you pushed home this assault by kicking and standing on her.

‘If either of you put a foot out of line for the next two years you know what is going to happen.’

In defence of the Stattons, defense lawyer Emma Martin said this was not a homophobic assault, insisting the beating was just a bit of fun.

‘This was an incident of mischief,’ she told the court.

The brothers are said to have known the victim before her transition and lived in the flat above her home.

In total, they will also be ordered to pay £1,500 ($2,500, €1,800) in compensations and costs.



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