UK police offer reward for arrest of NZ man wanted over death

Police are offering £5,000 for information that leads to the capture of a New Zealand man who may be able to assist them in investigating the death of a British gay man in a flat in Brighton

UK police offer reward for arrest of NZ man wanted over death
02 January 2013

Police in the UK have offered a reward of £5,000 for information that leads to the arrest of a New Zealand man wanted in connection to the death of a gay man in Brighton.

Richard Pisano (pictured), 35, also known as Ree, Ricky, Ricardo Pisano and Brandon Victor Pillay had been living with 62 year old British man Michael Polding in his Brighton flat around the time of his death.

Polding’s decomposed body was found in the flat in July after telephone calls from family members had gone unanswered.

It is possible that the body may have been in the flat for two months before it was discovered and Polding is believed to have died as a result of multiple injuries.

South African born Pisano was already on the run from charges in New Zealand where he was jailed for extortion at age 24.

Pisano served eight months of a 15 month sentence before absconding while on a work crew from Tongariro-Rangipo Prison in Waikato.

A website has been set up by police and Polding’s family to support the campaign for information.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman told the New Zealand Herald, ‘We’re hoping the reward might help jog someone’s memory.’

‘It’s for an arrest not a conviction. We’re also hoping the website will prompt people’s memory. It’s really important people look at the photos on it and study his face because he has changed his names and appearance many times.’

Sussex Police say they are working with colleagues in South Africa and New Zealand in case he has fled back to either country.



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