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UK Prime Minister congratulates married gay couples

David Cameron tweeted his congratulations to first gay couples making history today
UK Prime Minister David Cameron congratulates gay couples

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has congratulated newly married gay couples in England and Wales today (29 March).

The leader of the Conservative party took to his Twitter account to voice his support for those at the forefront of this historic occasion.

‘Congratulations to all same-sex couples getting married today – I wish you every possible happiness for the future #equalmarriage’ he said.

The world’s media has been focused on those lucky couples who will make history as the first gay people to become legally married.

Among the first marriges were a couple in Brighton, Andrew Wale and Neil Allard, who got married in the historical Royal Pavillion and in London Peter McGraith and David Cabreza tied the knot at Islington’s Town Hall.

Cameron has shown his support for gay equality before.

In September 2013 he spoke about his support for equal marriage while discussing a £1000 tax break.

'The £1000 marriage tax allowance will apply to straight and gay couples, as well as civil partners. Love is love, commitment is commitment’ he said.

'The values of marriage are give and take, support and sacrifice – values that we need more of.’

‘Marriage is a good thing for our country – it’s the ultimate form of commitment under the law – and we want to show our support for it.’

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell, who was at the ceremony in London, also expressed his joy at the sight of gay couples getting married.

‘HUGE thanks to everyone - LGBT & straight - who helped us win same-sex marriage. It's been a brilliant collective success. #EqualMarriage’ he tweeted.

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